Click to download User Manual for filling online Application Form  
  1. Log onto RSOS web site 

  2. Click the Online Application Form.

  3. Pl. click VIEW THE APPLICATION FORM DETAILS and VIEW THE INSTRUCTION DETAIL before moving ahead. The web pages will give you all information regarding the  – eligibility, Fee structure, documents required etc.


  5. In order to fill online application form, the student is required to register with RSOS web site, for this the student should have a valid and functional e-mail id OR mobile number and a password for  online application form.

  6. If you are coming first time then you will have to create a password for the system for which you click the button “REGISTER NOW”.

  7. Clicking REGISTER NOW” will appear the register page where you enter your existing valid mobile number. Then you enter a password which can be anything from alphabet and digit except the special character. Choose such password which you can remember as you will be using the same for monitoring the status of your application. This password is not the password of your e-mail id. Then you enter the password once again to reconfirm.

  8. After that you again come to the login page where now you will enter the mobile number and password which you enter in the register page.

  9. After due validation of your user id and password, the blank application form appears before the student.

  10. Now you start filling the form. Enter the Enrolment Number and click on FIND DETAILs.

  11. If the details is exist then it would be displayed and applicant can fill the supplementary forms.

  12. Fill the complete details by student as per format of the form.

  13. After completion of the form, you click “NEXT” button, this will bring the pre-view of your filled up form where you can check whether all entries are correct or not. If you find anything to be corrected then click the “Edit” button appearing at the end of your application.

  14. This will enable you to make changes in your application and then you click “Next” button again.

  15. Again your application will appear in the pre-view mode and then seeing all entries correct click the “NEXT”. The Fee page appears on the screen.

  16. In response to the submission an Acknowledgement Receipt appears on the screen indicating your unique Reference Number, your personal details, fees details etc.

  17. If all the particulars of application form verified by students and found OK. The student required to click the “SUBMIT THE FORM” button. The MAKE PAYMENT option would be enabled and the student required to pay the FEE online.

  18. After fee payment, the student take three copy print out of the application form and submit it to AI centre with required supporting document.

  19. Once the AI Centre receive the printed application and after due verification of the documents and confirmation of the fees, the application will be sent to RSOS for further processing.

  20. Appropriate communication/email will be sent out to the Students when a status change occurs

  21. You can see the status of your application by login with the same e-mail id and password.

Nodal Officer: Sh. Laxmi Narayan Pareek, Secretary  
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